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How To use Small Text Generator tool

  1. 1.Enter your text.
  2. 2.Capitalize letter ganreted youcan see in bellow.
  3. 3.Click on Output result and copy text atomaticly.
  4. 4.Paste it where you want.

Some Example Of Small text

  • Small Caps:
  • Superscript:
  • Subscript:

Small text generator
In a small textgenerator, this tool makes our text small and not a way that you can make asmall one word. For example a small text generator "tm" We can make it like this "™" Which seems like a beautiful designof fonts between a sentence.  In this tool, you can make your letter, words, and sentence fancyand decorate them to use those fonts in between a paragraph or sentence to show important information or a special thing.