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儿勒屁艾 艾艾西艾 艾艾 西吉艾艾伊娜伊
ㄚ口∪尺 れ工匚K 工れ 匚卄工れモちモ
㊜㊒㊘㊕ ㊐㊋㊅㊍ ㊋㊐ ㊅㊊㊋㊐㊇㊖㊇

Chinese latter generator or chinese keyboard tool is basically us to convert your name in Chinese language that's the moto of this tool. we provide you three fancy Chinese letters style for you basically  we create this tool for fun purpose.

You can  take the your gaming name or your name in input box and see the following three automatically generate font for you . you can use this for gaming purpose Instagram or Facebook profile or post to show peoples to see my name in chines. wee use mostly stylish symbols in this tool. Or more designs or fancy text or Japanese text also available.

In Chinese more than 1 lack character's  present but we select mostly symbolic or fancy text character's for you . Chinese 26 letters we use just like English having 26 letter we just replace this specific char to Chinese char  if u are hare for study of Chinese letter or grammars then this is not right place  you can go here to learn Chinese letters and how to use chinese calligraphy generator tool.

You can us this tool for following reasons !

  1. 1 if you wan to generate your name in chines
  2. 2 if your gamer and u wan to use some words in Chinese or set profile name or about in Chinese
  3. 3 if you wan to set Instagram Facebook  profile name in Chinese
  4. 4 yes and last one is most important  u are not Chinese :)
chienes letter
chienes letter

Mostly ask questions

How do you get Chinese letters on a keyboard?
use this tool as your keyboard you can write your text  in English alphabets we can generate for you we easily replace your English word to  Chinese word

How do I copy text from Chinese?
just click to your most licked Chinese letter and text is automatically copy  you just wan to pest it whatever you want

How many letters are in the Chinese alphabet?
there is more than 1 lack characters in Chinese but we get spatial 26 character like English characters
诶 比 西 迪 伊 艾 弗 吉 艾 尺 艾 杰 开 艾 勒 艾 马 艾 娜 哦 屁 吉 吾 艾 儿 艾
㊃ ㊄ ㊅ ㊆ ㊇ ㊈ ㊉ ㊊ ㊋ ㊌ ㊍ ㊎ ㊏ ㊐ ㊒ ㊓ ㊔ ㊕ ㊖ ㊗ ㊘ ㊙ ㊚ ㊛ ㊜ ㊝

How do you text in Chinese?
there is input box just write in English alphabets and this web tool covert into chines 

Some Chinese letters

诶 比 西 迪 伊 艾 弗 吉 艾 尺 艾 杰 开 艾 勒 艾 马 艾 娜 哦 屁 吉 吾 艾 儿 艾
㊃ ㊄ ㊅ ㊆ ㊇ ㊈ ㊉ ㊊ ㊋ ㊌ ㊍ ㊎ ㊏ ㊐ ㊒ ㊓ ㊔ ㊕ ㊖ ㊗ ㊘ ㊙ ㊚ ㊛ ㊜ ㊝